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UFSE Freelancer Fair: Widening Horizons, Charting the Way Forward

The second series of U FSE Freelancers Fair 2020: Widening Horizons focuses on equipping you with the knowledge and opportunities to successfully chart your way forward in the new world. ​

What's in it for you?
This series has something for everyone! Whether you are a freelancer or self-employed person looking for ways to enhance your career as a freelancer, or business seeking solutions to reinvent and pivot your business by harnessing the potential of freelancers, we've got the topics for you. Read on for more information. 

1. For Freelancers and Self-Employed Persons

  • 9.30am - 10.30am: Understanding freelancers' legal rights and obligations under new freelancing business models

    Gain insights on your rights and liabilities based on the business model you operate in, understand better about contracts and contractual terms, and avenues to seek recourse.

    Speaker: Mr Ian Lim, Partner, TSMP Law Corporation

    Sign up now: https://bit.ly/33jEvCo

    Read more: http://ufse.org.sg/Pages/Freelancers-rights-and-obligations.aspx​

  • 1.30pm - 2.30pm: Turning Adversity into Opportunities

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  • Achieve a better understanding of yourself through the science of resilience (adversity quotient) and discover action steps to overcome obstacles by adopting a GROW mindset.

    Speaker: Clement Tan, Director of Learning and Development, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

    Live on U FSE Facebook page: NTUC U FSE​

    Read more: http://ufse.org.sg/Pages/turning-adversities-into-opportunities.aspx

  • 5pm - 6pm: Coffee Talk with Creative Content Producers
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    ​How are things changing up? Is there an avenue for your voice to be heard? What are the plans moving forward for self-employed persons? 

    Join us and hear first-hand from industry peers and NTUC Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit (NTUC U FSE) on the plans for visual, audio, and content professionals as we take this platform to exchange views with you on what matters to you and collaborative efforts!

    Sign up now: http://bit.ly/ufse-creativecontent

    1. Ang Ling Ling, Assistant Director, NTUC Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit 
    2. James Tan, Hon. Secretary, Professional Photographers Association (Singapore)
    3. Sean Seah, Producer, Co-Founder of Vulcanworx
    4. Azurah Jan, Audio Specialist/Music Educator, Co-Founder of Freelance Academy

2. For Businesses
3. For Freelancers and Self-Employed Persons & Businesses
  • 3pm - 4.30pm: Reimagine Social and Community Events
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    Programme overview
    Reimagine social and Comunity Events (Programme overview).png

    Immerse in this 3-part sharing as we bring you insights and ideas on the future of social and community events with key leaders in the sector, including Tencent, Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (SACEOS), and Singapore Talent, Artistes and Resources (STAR) association.

    1. Unlocking possibilities in MICE with Tencent
    Tencent, a multinational technology conglomerate has collaborated closely with global leading MICE organizations to provide digitalization solution for mega and medium size events. Join us to learn more about their digitalization journey and best practices.

    Speaker: Ms Cyntia Chen, Senior Accounts Manager, MICE Digitalization Solution, Tencent Cloud Asia Pacific Business Center

    2. Reimagine Events 
    Uncover how the Social and Community Events Sector used design thinking to rise above Covid, reimagine the format of events, and invent exciting new innovations for potential trials.

  • - Ms Lyn Wong, Facilitator and Coach, Me2We Pte Ltd
    - Mr Benjamin Aw, Chief Architect/Facilitator of Enhyphen Pte Ltd, Council member for the career development Association of Singapore (CDAS)
    - Mr Sheldon Gooi, President, Singapore Talent, Artistes and Resources (STAR) association
    - Mr George Leong, Founder, SingPop Music Limited

    3. Let's talk! ​
    Join us for a panel discussion on the latest launch of the IRR (Industry Resilience Roadmap for MICE industry), how it affects the social and community events sector, and the possible new capabilities for the sector  (such as safe events ambassador).

    - Ms Jean See, Director, NTUC Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit
    - Ms Bita Seow, Executive Director at Singapore Association of Convention & Exhibition Organisers & Suppliers (SACEOS)
    - Mr Sheldon Gooi, President, Singapore Talent, Artistes and Resources (STAR) association.
    - Mr George Leong, Founder, SingPop Music Limited

    Sign up now: https://bit.ly/34Lod4t

Full Programme
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