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All About VICPA

An insight into the Visual, Audio, Creative Content Professionals Association (Singapore), and upcoming engagement sessions to hear from you.

Visual, Audio, Creative Content Professionals Association (Singapore) 

The Visual, Audio, Creative Content Professionals Association (Singapore) (VICPA) was formed to represent visual, audio, and creative content professionals, with a focus on shaping trade practices and enhancing  the professional work prospects of its members. VICPA will continue to establish and deepen collaborations with stakeholders in the creative media and enterprise sectors to progressively strengthen industry practices, including helping buyers understand how creative professionals charge as well as their value of service.

Why Join

NTUC recognises that many professionals in these sectors find that a lack of industry benchmarks or standards has contributed to an undervaluation of services. This hinders the progression of the industry and if perpetuated, may see an eventual outflow of professionals from the scene. VICPA's top priority is therefore to develop a code of ethics to guide industry practices as well as develop a network of support and resources to enable you to advance your professionalism so that you can remain relevant in the changing landscape and be equipped to expand business opportunities.

VICPA's Professional 'Code of Ethics'

The 'Code of Ethics' is intended to guide professional trade practices and shape how service buyers value the services of VICPA members. This will be co-created with practitioners like you.

 Update! We will be commencing public consultation session soon. Stay tuned.  

Who can be a VICPA member

If you are a freelance or self-employed visual, audio and/or creative content professional, we welcome you to sign up as a VICPA member.

 Examples of professions represented by VICPA include: Photographers, Videographers, Production crew, Content writers, On-set stylists, etc.

How to be a VICPA member

To be a VICPA member, simply sign up as a NTUC member at: www.ntuc.co/unions. Please select 'Audio, Visual, Content' under the field for Company Name.

 If you are already an NTUC member and are a freelance/self-employed audio, visual, content professional, please email us at: fseu@ntuc.org.sg to request for your membership to be categorised under VICPA. We will send you a conversion form to do so. 

For more information on other benefits of being a NTUC-VICPA member, please visit: www.ntuc.co/membership

Contact us

If you have further enquiries, email: fseu@ntuc.org.sg
Please indicate [VICPA] in your email title for easy identification.

17/12/2020 11:00:00