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NTUC U FSE Relief Scheme

NTUC U FSE provides cash relief of up to $650 to support freelance combi bus, limousine and delivery drivers and riders.​

It's FREE and all freelance Combi-bus, Limousine and Delivery Drivers and Riders are welcome to join! 

The 1-hour session aims to guide you on the step-by-step online application and address any questions about the relief scheme.


Date: 28 Jun (Mon) - 2 Jul (Fri)
Time: 2pm - 3pm (daily)
Platform: Zoom (link will be sent upon pre-registration)
Inforgraphic on U FSE Relief Scheme Extension Date.jpg

Eligible freelance combi bus, limousine, and delivery drivers and riders, who are NTUC members, will receive a one-time cash relief ranging from $200 to $650 under the new NTUC U FSE Relief Scheme as support during this challenging period upon successful application.  

Online application ​​period starts from 21 June till 25 Ju​ly 2021​. More details found HERE​ ​​​​