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NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) 2021

​NTUC is committed to help our low-income union members in times of need through various assistance programmes. The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) is an assistance programme which aims to assist our low-income union members to defray their cost of basic necessities and their children's school expenses for the new school year.

About the NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) Programme

The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) is an assistance programme that aims to assist our low-income NTUC members to defray their cost of basic necessities and their children's school expenses for the new school year.

The vouchers are valid for the purchase of basic necessities, school textbooks, assessment/reference books, stationery, school uniforms / PE attire/shoes/socks or other school-related items at the participating merchants. List of participating merchants will be updated in July 2021.

Application Period: 22 Jun 2021 – 22 Jul 2021

The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) are valid till 30 April 2022Strictly no extension will be granted after the voucher expiry date.

What will you receive?

For more details on NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers), ​you may refer to the Factsheet.


What are the eligibility criteria?

How do you apply for the e-Vouchers?

The application period opens from 22 Jun 2021 – 22 Jul 2021.
NTUC members who meet the above eligibility criteria may submit their applications via the U Care System at www.ntuc.org.sg/ucare/apply.
If you are applying for the e-Vouchers programme via your computer/desktop/tablets, refer to this Online Video Demo. There are some videos to give you a clearer idea of how to use the U Care System. 
If you are applying for the e-Vouchers via your mobile phone, you may refer to this step-by-step guide.

Please note that members are required to submit their applications before the closing date as late submissions will not be processed.

When and How will I receive the e-vouchers?

  • Successful applicants will receive their e-vouchers by SMS sent to the mobile number that is registered in U Portal by 22 October 2021. Note: Sender name is ‘NTUC U Care’
  • SMS will contain the URL to open the e-voucher and a 4-digit pin code. Both will be required to redeem the e-vouchers. 
If your application is successful but has not received the SMS, do email us at fseu@ntuc.org.sg

Redeeming your vouchers 

Step 1: Have a ready internet connection.

Step 2: Click on the URL sent via SMS. It will launch a website to open the e-voucher and the page to key in the 4-digit pin code will appear.

Step 3: Key in the 4-digit pin code which was sent in the same SMS.

Step 4: e-voucher bearing the barcode will be launched. Please present the voucher to participating merchants to scan and make purchase.

Step 5: Purchase transaction will appear in transaction history

The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) can be drawn down according to exact amount spent, till zero. There is no minimum value to be spent.

If member has received the SMS and voucher is unable to load due to the pin, it could be due to keying of wrong pin number and the browser has remembered the wrong code as 'remember code' was checked.

Please follow the following steps to clear the cache of your phone's mobile browser:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Search for Apps and click in.
3. Search for Chrome or Internet Explorer (or the browser app that you are using) and click in.
4. Select Storage and click in.
5. Select “Clear Cache"
6. Click on the link again to key in 4-digit pincode.

Once again, please be reminded that ALL e-Vouchers are valid till 30 April 2022. No extension will be granted after the vouchers have expired.

Note: It is important that mobile numbers are updated, to receive e-vouchers. Refer to the steps below to update your mobile number. Click here to update your particulars.


How do I use the e-vouchers?

Members can load their e-voucher on their mobile phone and use it at participating merchants for exact value purchases with no minimum purchase.

For further enquiries:

You may submit your enquiry here or contact NTUC Membership Hotline: 6213 8008 (Monday - Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm and Saturday 9.00am to 12.30pm).