U FSE SIRS and Help Schemes ZOOM Sessions

Food delivery riders who have questions on how to apply for SIRS or help schemes for NTUC members, sign up for our 1-hour online briefing on 24 or 26 August.​

U FSE Care Series: Freelancers’ Health Jamboree

​Take charge of your health and join us in our Freelancers' Health Jamboree organised by NTUC Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit (U FSE), in collaboration with Health Promotion Board (HPB)


​U FSE Freelancer Fair: Widen Your Horizons is designed to help you overcome current challenges and enhance the sustainability and work prospects of freelancing as a career.

UFSE Freelancer Fair: Widening Horizons, Charting the Way Forward

The second series of U FSE Freelancers Fair 2020: Widening Horizons focuses on equipping you with the knowledge and opportunities to successfully chart your way forward in the new world. ​

Tax & Financial Planning Made Simple 

​Do you earn an income from freelancing or self-employment? The Tax & Financial Planning seminar is a MUST to attend for all freelancers and self-employed professionals.​

U FSE Freelancer Fair

With the theme, “Future of Freelancing”, the U FSE Freelancer Fair 2019 is desig​ned to help you develop a sustainable career as a freelancer. Navigate the future of work, develop multiple income streams and build your skills with freelancing hacks from experienced professionals. ​

Freelancers' Finance Forum

​​Everyone has the ability to build a financial ark to survive and flourish in the future. But you must invest time in your financial education to build an ark with a solid foundation - Robert Kiyosaki

Freelancers' Health and Wellness Jamboree

​Take a break from your busy work life and recharge yourself at the health and wellness event by NTUC U FSE, Health Promotion Board and Active Health