About US

The Freelancers and Self-Employed Unit, U FSE, represents freelancers and self-employed persons (SEPs) in Singapore and works towards strengthening their Wage, Welfare and Work Prospects. 

NTUC U FSE works closely with stakeholders such as relevant government agencies, SEP community groups, platform intermediaries, corporate service buyers and business solutions providers to strengthen strengthen the income security, skills mastery, occupational safety and health, and collective interests of this group of working people. 

Join us in building a community that will help to make your life as a SEP easier and more sustainable.​



Freelancer Fair 2021 (December): A Stronger You: Strengthening your Financial Fitness & Mental Wellness

​Whether you are a seasoned freelancer/ micro-business or one who is just starting out, build up your expert knowledge in Financial Planning matters of this edition of Freelancer Fair!

Freelancer Fair 2021: Getting the Fundamentals Right

​Before you hit the ground running, tool up with the right network and resources at U FSE’s Freelancer Fair, to accelerate your career as a freelancer or micro-business!

Debunk the Myths of Government Procurement Practices

Here is the takeaway for all freelancers providing services to Government agencies. Our simplified toolkit will help you gain a better understanding of the process, how to avoid common pitfalls, and compete effectively for Government contracts.