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Freelancer Fair Kit: U FSE Freelancer Fair < Widen Your Horizons>

The Freelancer Fair​'s ​​presentation slides from speakers ​are ready for your download​ to equip yourself, gained more insights and ideas from our industry veterans to expand your business opportunities to remain sustainable in your freelancing careers. ​​​

Everyday Software for Remote Conferencing 

Speaker: Terence Pek from IoTalents

Remote conferencing doesn't always have to involve the use of corporate favourites like Zoom or Skype. Find out how to use ubiquitous, everyday software like WhatsApp and Messenger to fulfill your remote conferencing needs

Speaker's slides for download:Everyday Software for Remote Conferencing.pdf



​Winning Sales On Digital Platforms: RFQ & Tender Bidding Best Practices 

Speaker: Kevin Ng from ThunderQuote

Learn ways to seek out business opportunities on Gebiz and digital bidding platforms through digital presence and a bid-ready vendor profile. You will also understand procurement practices and how to work with it. 

Speaker's slides for download: Winning Sales On Digital Platforms .pdf



Building & Safeguarding Your Career

Speaker: Stephen Khow from Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management

Ensure sustainability of your freelance career by understanding your rights, avenues for dispute resolution.  ​



Preparing an International Portfolio

Speaker: KQ, Director and Producer 

​A portfolio is one of the most basic and powerful marketing tools for most creative freelancers. How do you make use of your portfolio to land jobs? If you are looking to attract overseas jobs, how should your portfolio look like to increase your chances of being hired?​

Speaker's slides for download: ​​Portfolio Review.pdf



The Magic of Closing Deals

Speaker: Kien from Singapore Magicians Network 

Discover your unique selling point and how to make an impression and stand out from your competitors using magic​.