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​Refreshed criteria to help more union members tide through tough times. ​​Successful applicants from the first excercise are also eligible!

NTUC is re-opening applications for the NTUC Care Fund (COVID-19), with enhanced eligibility criteria to further support union members whose incomes have been greatly impacted due to the pandemic. 

A total of $25 million has been set aside for the Care Fund, contributed by NTUC-U Care Fund, the Government and NTUC-affiliated Unions and Associations.​

Application Process

The application period is from 23 November 2020 to 28 February 2021. You may be eligible for the enhanced NTUC Care Fund (COVID-19) if you are a union member who is facing hardship. 

Pay-out quantum of between $50 to $300 per applicant varies depending on eligibility criteria. 

To check whether you are eligible and the quantum you may stand to receive, please read the ABC's guide  before submitting your application.​​

​The ABC's to A​​pplying​​ Enhanced NTUC Care Fund (COVID-19)​ Application​​​

Apply to be a member 

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For new NTUC union members, please note that successful deduction of the 1st month membership fees is required before you may submit your application for Enhanced NTUC Care Fund  

To apply click HERE​

​ *Membership confirmation will take 4-8 weeks after successful GIRO deduction 

Already a NTUC union member? 

Skip Step B and proceed with the application ​


Be mindful of criteria ​

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NTUC union members should not be in arrears.

For Self-Employed Persons 

  • Loss of income of at least 30% reduction OR 
  • At least 2 job/event cancellations due to Covid-19 OR 
  • Retrenchment / job loss due to COVID-19 
  • Original Gross Monthly Personal Income of not more than $4500 for members WITH dependents staying in the same household in Singapore 
  • Original Gross Monthly Personal Income of not more than $1600 for members WITHOUT dependents staying in the same household in Singapore. ​ 
​​​Click HERE​ to apply 

Existing NTUC union members who have received the NTUC Fund will be pre-approved* and need not apply!

Prepare supporting documents and apply online

  • Proof of Original Income Documents e.g. IRAS NOA 2020 
  • Proof of income loss e.g.

​   i) Official letter/email cancellations from client/service OR 

   ii) Quarantine order/ stay-home notice 

Disbursement of Pay-outs​ ​​​​
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Existing members will receive $300 and new members* will receive $200 
  • Receive notification on application status via email within 4-8 weeks 
  • Auto-eligible members will receive an SMS on notification of pay-out in early December. If you have not received, please check with your respective unions/associations 
    *Sign-ups after 1 October 2020 ​​​