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Be Your Own Breakthrough! BYOB Series (3rd Edition): Let Your Ideas Take Fight!

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an early-stage startup founder, here are 3 tips that you can use effectively to bring your business ideas to fruition.

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ACE’s BACECAMP Programme ​provides personal coaching and mentoring, and access to opportunities to pitch to potential investors for funding. 

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For more enquires, you can contact ACE at:
BACECamp: amp@ace.org.sg​​​​
General inquiries: info@ace.org.sg

In collaboration with ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) 

About BYOB Series

The BYOB (Be Your Own Breakthrough) series brings you complimentary and accessible bi-weekly content focusing on insights, tips, and tools on empowering freelancers to a breakthrough in the time of COVID-19. Stay tuned to NTUC U FSE Facebook​  to catch more first-hand sharing by industry experts on their journey of career breakthroughs!