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Freelancer Fair 2021: Getting the Fundamentals Right

​Before you hit the ground running, tool up with the right network and resources at U FSE’s Freelancer Fair, to accelerate your career as a freelancer or micro-business!

Jot down tips as our panel of industry practitioners and top freelancers bring you up-to-speed in these career/ business fundamentals: 

- Best practices to navigate uncertainty
- Dispute resolution options and how to protect your Intellectual Property rights
- Appreciation of business models and which could work better for you
- How to pitch your services and grow your clientele

Programme: Day 1: 1 June 2021 (Tuesday) - Building a Viable Business 

1. 10am - 11am: Business Fundamentals for Freelancing and Small Business by Edgar Wong, FCCA FCA Singapore ASEAN CPA, Accredited Tax Practitioner (Income Tax & GST)

​As a freelancer, building a continuous income stream may be the top of your concern. However, understanding the basic skills to address the different aspects of running a business is equally crucial. At the U FSE Freelancer Fair 2021, Mr Edgar Wong had share with us his insights from choosing your business structure to understanding your tax obligations. Here are the key takeaways from his session.

2. 2pm - 3pm: Generating Leads & Build your X-factor Portfolio by Jayce Tham, Chief Businesswomen, CreativesatWork

To build a sustainable freelance career, freelancers must learn how to generate leads. Lead generation is an ongoing effort and part of that is to maintain a portfolio that can help you to attract new clients. In the 2nd session of U FSE Freelancer Fair 2021, Chief Businesswoman Jayce Tham from CreativesAtWork walked us through the ways to generate leads and build a X-Factor Portfolio. Here are the key takeaways from her session.

3. 3.30pm - 5pm: Sustainability in Freelance Work - Expert panel session on Contracts, IP rights and Dispute 

In the 3rd session of U FSE Freelancer Fair 2021, we put together a panelist to share on Contracts, IP rights and Dispute Resolution. Moderated by Ms Jean See from U FSE, the panelist includes Mr Jeremiah Choy, (trained lawyer-turned-freelance creative director, producer and curator), Ms Kelly Koh, (Principal Industrial Relations Officer, TADM@NTUC) and Mr George Leong (music composer and arranger). Get your fundamentals right from this session with the key takeaways below!

TakeAwaySession3-1.png TakeAwaySession3-2.png