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Freelancer Fair 2021 (December): A Stronger You: Strengthening your Financial Fitness & Mental Wellness

​Whether you are a seasoned freelancer/ micro-business or one who is just starting out, build up your expert knowledge in Financial Planning matters of this edition of Freelancer Fair!

Day 1 (14 December 2021) 

Business Finance Fundamentals for freelancers & micro-businesses by Edgar Wong & U FSE

Thinking of setting up your first business? Mr Edgar Wong shared about some considerations needed. For example, what are my options if I want to trade as a registered entity with ACRA? How can I secure social media asset? And what are some of the fundamentals for business model and growth?

Freelancer Fair 14 Dec Edgar 1.png

Financial Planning for the Self-Employed
Mr Ferris Wee is pioneering financial literacy trainer in Institute for Financial Literacy. He shared with us the essentials of managing your finances, the benefits of CPF contributions and the need to plan early for their retirement. Everything about Finance that you need to know!

Freelancer Fair 14 Dec Ferris 1.png

Day 2 (15 December 2021)

Emotion Regulation by Care Corner Singapore 
On our second day of U FSE Freelancer Fair, Care Corner Singapore shared on greater awareness of emotions and techniques to regulate them effectively. Some learning techniques include Identify and Label emotions, Breathing, Thought Defusing and Grounding techniques. 

 Freelancer Fair 14 Dec Lily Emotion Regulation.png

Setting Career Goals for Self-Employed Persons by e2i

Career goals are essential to help you achieve milestones successfully. To formulate actionable plans for yourself, Mr Theebhan shared to list out short term and long term goals as well as steps to better your obstables. Visualise success, stay motivated and have a great start to 2022!

Freelancer Fair 14 Dec e2i.png