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U FSE Freelancer Fair 2022: Ready for the Future Economy!

If you missed the fair, here are some key highlights to help you live, work and grow your freelance business in the future economy!

​​Keynote speaker: Charlie Ang ​

Robots? The Metaverse? Machine Learning?

Here are some key highlights from Freelancing in the Future Economy: Discovering and Serving Customer Needs in the Aage of the Metaverse/ Industry 4.0/5G. Learn more about what it takes to thrive in the perfect storm of the 2020s!

12pm - 1.30pm: Build to Last - From Freelancers to Trailblazers

With his love for ‘hitting tables’ and ‘making noise’, the founder of BEAT’ABOX Arthur Choo shared with us how he went from failing a business at 18 to a successful entrepreneur and the mindset he cultivated to get there.​

Here are some key highlights from Built to last - from freelancers to trailblazers. Discover some tips you can adopt to go from a Freelancer to a Trailblazer, and build a system that lasts!

2.30pm - 4pm: Scaling up your Freelance Business

The world of freelancing has certainly changed in just a decade, and there has been no better time to be jumping on the Freelance wagon. Jayce Tham, Chief Businesswoman at CreativesAtWork, shares how you can scale your business, from being a newbie to an established Freelancer.​

Find out about the key concepts you should know at every stage of the Freelance business cycle from Scaling up your Freelance Business!

4pm - 4.45pm: Insurance & I: Are You Covered?

We should all know that Insurance coverage is vital as a financial back-up in the event of a mishap or tragedy. But do you know what types of insurance there are and whether you’re fully covered as a Freelancer? Guest speaker Justin Lim shares his knowledge and his advice with us on insurance for Freelancers.

If you missed it that day, here are some key highlights from Insurance & I: Are You Covered?

Do you already have these policies?