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Taxi / Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License Renewal

Is your Vocational license expiring in the next 2 months? Did you receive a letter from LTA to renew your Vocational License? Not sure what to do to renew your license?

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Find u
s at the 2 satellite centres! Remember to bring:

  1. LTA Renewal Notice for Vocational License
  2. Singpass
  3. Completed Medical Report
  4. Credit Card/ Debit card
  5. Refresher course completion certificate
  6. Assessment on Fitness to Drive (if applicable)
  7. Passport photo or come in non-white collar shirt

Here are some self-help links for you to start applying for your vocational license renewal.

Check Vocational License Status LTA | Vocational​ Licence Renewal
Step by step guide to renew license Instruction Manual for online Renewal via GBL_Nov22.pdf
Medisave Matters Check your outstanding Medisave Liabilities and Payment Status
Reset SingPass password Singpass - Reset password
GoBusiness Portal GoBusiness Licensing

For clarification, contact us at 6213 8508 (NPHVA) and 6213 8283 (NTA).


Email us at nphva@ntuc.org.sg (NPHVA) and nta@ntuc.org.sg (NTA)​